Brennabor model 0 cross frame safety

This is a Brennabor Modell 0 crossframe safety bicycle, built in 1892 by Gebrüder (brothers) Reichstein from Brandenburg, Germany. It has the framenumber 365 and 3 beneath it, which is engraved on the head, same place as on the other Brennabor cross frame. The bicycle was the cheaper and smaller model in that year, for men up to 70 kg. weight. It was available with cushion or pneumatic tires.

The shown bicycle has the cushion tires, now its equipped with solid tires. It is a very original bike, compare the saddle to the 1892 illustration: it's the same! The (motorcycle) chain is not correct, a block chain would be better...

I got this text and pictures from Max Reder (Austria), who has a very nice collection of bikes. Click the pictures to enter his website with a lot of detailed pictures of this Brennabor.